Topiramate Cost

Here’s something I can’t explain - Topiramate recently came available as the generic for Topamax. The cost of it is very low. But why?

Usually, when a new generic becomes available, the price is only slightly less than the brand, let’s say 10%. The reason is because the brand still has some ‘price protection.’ And then about six months later, the price of the generic will go way down, possibly aslow as to 10% or 20% of the cost of the brand, which may or may not go down in price at all.

But as soon as Topiramate was available to us, the price was already at that very low cost. What happened to the six months of price protection? Did our supplier not have it available during that period? Unlikely, we usually have things available immediately, especially a fairly common drug like Topamax/Topiramate.

Was there some litigation regarding the release date or cost of the generic vs the brand? Most likely. But why does this happen to some drugs and not others?

I know very little about drug patents and pricing with respect to generics. The problem is, no one else seems to know anything either. Not the pharmacists I speak to¬†or even company reps - when pressed, even they don’t know why these things happen.

I could easily go off on a rant about drug pricing, but all I’m talking about here is consistency, which the drug industry does not have. For the drug manufacturers and insurance companies, it’s all about money and nothing else.

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